With search engine optimisation you too can have high rankings in all major search engines and capture that targeted audience your website deserves.

Everyone knows that traffic is the key to success, while we do not claim that we can achieve high ranking search terms, we do employ solid, tried and tested design techniques that will really help you on your quest for a high ranking on the pages of google. The key is to make sure that your site contents are focused and relevant to the keywords that you wish to rank highly on. This means making a real effort in a number of places to make sure the terms that I use are consistent. In terms of optimisation it’s important to know that search engines look for consistency and relevancy within a number of different areas of your in-page content and within your referral links.

This includes:
1. The URL (or web address) of your page, e.g., or, etc.

2. Your Page title in the HTML, e.g. “Liverpool Fireplaces”, or “Fireplaces Liverpool”

3. Your Keywords metadata in the HTML, e.g. “Fireplaces Liverpool, Liverpool Fireplaces, Stoves Liverpool etc.”

4. Your Description metadata in the HTML, e.g. “Fireplaces for customers in Merseyside…”

5. Your page content, e.g. the text that is on your page, including headings (or section titles) which are treated differently from body text.

6. Links on your page, including the anchor text, e.g. the text on which the link is set.

7. Images on your page, we include the name of the image file, and the link (if any) set on the image.

8. Referral links to your pages, including the anchor text of the referral link, e.g. a link on another site referring to your site.

Remember, while search engines are mechanical they do have some intelligence! They are in a constant battle with link spammers who attempt to manipulate ranking results for profit. Optimising your pages and encouraging genuine link backs from other relevant sites will help but getting involved in link spamming and other dodgy techniques such as spamming keywords or content can get your site black listed. So more isn’t always best, we make sure links, content and keywords are all genuine.

SEO included with NR75 Website Design includes

Title tags optimised
Alt tags optimised
Header Tags
Meta Tags Optimised
Text content optimised
Keyword research & analysis